The story behind our Malas

Our Malas are created by Annie Langlois, Co-Founder of My Virtual Yoga and former stylist and designer for over 10 years. Each style is imagined and created with the goal of offering revamped versions of traditional Malas that you can wear every day, as well as use during your meditation practice.

Annie chooses all the beads for their attributes and takes great care to meticulously source the materials used for the Malas directly from Bali with Putu, her production director.


Then, Putu and her family make each item from the collection by hand in a friendly atmosphere at home. Each piece is made with love by local people who didn’t have a job before, and can now send their children to school thanks to this collection. We’ve also decided to give a portion of the profits generated by this collection to the animal cause and help local organizations that help abandoned cats and dogs in Bali. Dogs are a real problem in Bali; because of overpopulation, they are left to fend for themselves without food or care. They also suffer from many diseases, such as skin diseases, distemper, parasites, rabies, etc.

We are happy to contribute and give back through this magical jewellery collection. Each item in the line is unique in a sense, because the pieces are all made one by one, by hand. When you purchase one of our Malas, you’re:

- Contributing to your own wellness through the attributes of our stones

- Helping balance your chakras

- Giving yourself a meditation tool

- Helping an entire family in Bali to support themselves

- Supporting the protection and health of abandoned cats and dogs in Bali