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Ajna triple wrap mala bracelet

  • Ajna triple wrap mala bracelet

Living Yoga

Ajna triple wrap mala bracelet

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Intuition / Awareness

Triple Wrap Bracelet


HOWLITE is a stone that helps one prepare to receive wisdom and be in tune with the Higher Self and the Divine. It can be used to stimulate and balance the chakras. Howlite takes permanent color enhancement well, so it is often colored to resemble other stones or with bright, intriguing hues. 

*** The more you wear colored howlite, the more it develops a vintage look, so its colour may change slightly.

RUDRAKSHA beads are used to heal the body’s various chakras. They unlock blocked chakras, curing the body and mind. Rudraksha beads provide great composure, concentration and spiritual uplifting, which is why they have long been used by sages and yogis for prayer, as well as meditation routines.

LAPIS LAZULI is a sixth chakra crystal and is usually placed on the third eye. In general, the sixth chakra relates to inner wisdom, intuition, psychic abilities, and the relationship between the left and right sides of the brain. The light blue crystals frequently relate to our communication with others. The dark blue stones represent our communication with our inner selves. They help us clear out old mental beliefs and patterns so we can see our inner light.